Similarly,LIL TJAY  several fans were worried sick on learning from fake reports that the rapper was “brain dead”.
While he is falling victim to many such speculations during his recovery, here’s what we know about his condition.


Fans are unsure about the rapper’s condition due to a number of reports that are presenting unverified facts.
The discussion about Lil Tjay allegedly being paralyzed seems to have stemmed from a tweet shared by an account on Twitter, that has also made many other claims about the artist that isn’t true.


One tweet from June 25 reads, “JUST IN: The Doctor Raheem Smith said Lil Tjay will be paralyzed for the rest of his life. He got 5 of 7 shots in the chest area and 2 in the spine. He is not able to move his upper body. He also has only a 15% Chance to survive the attack. Pray for Lil Tjay.”
But, it doesn’t include statements by the rapper’s rep or any other official reports or even reports to confirm the same.
The same account displays contradicting tweets, claiming that the rapper is recovering in one and declaring him dead in another.

Furthermore, reports discussing Lil Tjay’s supposed “paralysis” have named “Raheem Smith” as one of his treating doctors.
The same name is also found in the above tweet that claims the rapper is “paralyzed”.
But, the news reports have also noted that Raheem is among other names circulated online as the artist’s alleged treating doctor, while there is no official record or reports to support these baseless claims.
The last update provided on Lil Tjay’s health was by TMZ as a source told that he is out of surgery and “appears to be doing better but he’s still not out of the woods yet.”
The rapper’s rep is yet to release an official statement. HITC has reached out to them for a comment, but we haven’t received any response at the time of writing this.
Like us, several of Lil Tjay’s fans are also finding it hard to believe the above rumors about him being paralyzed.

“Lil Tjay Paralyzed for life, ain’t no way man,” tweeted one.
Another added: “This rumor about Lil Tjay being paralyzed better just be that. A rumor”
“So again for all the new people awake. Lil tjay is not paralyzed we have got no update from close friends or doctors or big news pages that he’s paralyzed stop believing these fake troll pages,” tweeted one fan.
Another added: “Nothing accurate verified that Lil tjay is paralyzed!!! If y’all would read and not assume you would know that. It’s for the clout and all fake pages. Stop believing everything you see!”

“Who started spreading this fake news about Lil Tjay ? None of his ppl said he was paralyzed so stfu & wait!”, one wrote.\

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